Gepis Educational and worship facility

This multifunction facility is used as a christian preschool, after school, and adult literacy training facility. Additionally, it will be used for youth fellowship so that teens interested in playing worship music have somewhere to meet. Due to the villages remote location as subsequent, severe poverty, the need for this facility to provide education forgo opportunities is crucial in preventing infant abandonment.



Agape home is a boarding facility for boys in our education inspiration project who live too remotely to pursue their education in the city. Our ministry provides tutoring and homework assistance to ensure the scholastic success and also teaches life skills such as cooking. Our house parents conduct daily bible studies and prayer time to address the spiritual needs for the boys. The boys return home to their parents on most weekends and during school holidays.



This Sponsor-A-Child project is a private christian preschool for exceptionally poor Roma children in the village of Santandrei. we help prepare the children for public school by teaching them the Romanian language, Bible lessons, basics in writing and math, and all other educational requirements to prevent school failure. Sponsorship money provides the children with a nutritious meal, vitamins, school supplies, and transportation to and from school.


By his stripes

This medical project provides cardiological diagnostics for any child referred to our private office. Our ministry pays a christian pediatric cardiologists to screen any child suspected of a cardiological problem by providing EKG’s and ECHO machines in our office.


Education Inspiration

This Sponsor-A-Child project pays for all the educational expenses for Roma girls and boys to prevent teenage pregnancy. Our ministry provides all funds necessary for each student to include clothing, transportation and christian tutors. All students are required token in contact with anyone who sponsors their education.