Ministry UpdateS

Our monthly updates are to give you an idea of the needs we have, the challenges, we face, the victories we experience in the name of Jesus, and our prayer requests.

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Joyful ending to 2018 but sad start to 2019 - January 30, 2019

Dear Family and Friends,

We thank all of you who gave when I wrote my email last month. Thanks to you, we were able to buy food packages and shoes for our children in Gepis. In addition to this, we were able to give all of our employees a bonus even though it was less than last year. I immeasurably grateful because we were really struggling as a ministry.

Nelu was zipping all over the country distributing Christmas gift boxes in addition to our own gifts. On the left are some fun photos to share with you from Christmas!

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Our year has had a sad start with one of our Agape Home boys, Sergiu, losing his father to cancer on Monday. I am pictured with both Sergiu and his father above because I wanted to pray with him when I visited last summer. The mother has already endured so much tragedy to include losing a child. I am not going to set an amount for this family because I want to allow The Lord to lead. They not only have funeral expenses, but many other expenses related to his illness. Any amount donated will go directly to the family. You can either donate via PayPal or send a check. If you use PayPal, please include in the note field, "death of father" and do the same on a separate piece of paper if you send a check to: Children In The Son, PO Box 99063, Raleigh, NC 27624. I was very touched to hear the priest at their Orthodox church donated all of the money back to the family because he knew their need. May God's provision be abundant for this sweet family! I am thankful that our ministry exists to allow their son to get his education!

We definitely have much to pray about in our ministry. Sergiu is one of three boys at Agape Home that has lost a parent and one of our younger children in Santandrei lost her father last week to cancer. Survival for their families will be extremely difficult making obtaining education for the children all the more critical. We ask you to join us in praying for these children and the surviving spouses. Our boys are deeply grieving and really need prayer and support. Pray for Emil and Nelu as they minister to them and try to bring hope into their lives.

Some of our prayer requests for 2019 are:

  • More sponsors for the children in our programs so we can cover the government mandated increase in salaries which include a huge amount in payroll taxes

  • More opportunities for me to speak at churches in the US to present our work in Romania

  • At least $12,000 of funding so we can replace our car in Romania with a newer one that is preferable an SUV

  • Sponsorship to cover the cost of another teacher at our new center in Gepis

  • The team that will be traveling on July 26th to do another camp to minister directly to the students in our programs

We truly value all of you that partner with us in bringing the name of Jesus to the children in our programs. I am so excited that they get the gospel five days as week!

For those of you that donated in 2018, your tax statement is on the way! :)

Basking In the Son,


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