1.  Skip Coffee once per month!!
We're looking for supporters to skip their favorite coffee shop once per month and sponsor us at $3.00 per month instead.  How can we change lives for children in Romania for only $3?  We are hoping to leverage the power of numbers to get lots of supports to give only $3 per month.  We figure that if enough people will do this, we can impact children in a major way!! 
2.  Write Someone!
If you're a grant writer, we'd love to have your help.  Grants are a great way to make sure that we meet our budget needs each and every month.  We have a staff in Romania who receives a salary and other ongoing expenses.  Please contact us if you know how to search out and write for grants.
3.  Be more social!
Almost everyone knows how to use Facebook.  We would LOVE to have you join us on our page and have you sharing updates that we post.  Making people aware of what we're doing is so helpful to us!
4.  Volunteer!
Volunteers are always welcome for the various projects we have through out the year.  Contact us to find out able the opportunities we have where you can help.
5.  Go on a mission trip!
Each year, we have teams visit our projects in Romania.  The last few teams who've gone over have been helping with construction on our Gepis Center.  Please contact us if you're interested in joining a mission team.
6.  Pray!
Would you commit to praying for us for one week?  How about a month or a year?  We would love to have your prayer support for as long as you can commit.  We have seen the power of prayer throughout the years we've been serving in Romania and we are asking you to pray for us too. 
7.  Request a speaker!
We would love to come and speak at your church, gathering or event about the HUGE needs that children have in Romania.  Travel costs can be hefty, so please contact us to get in touch to see if we can make it work to speak at your organization.
8.  Write a blog post!
Are you a writer?  Do you have a popular blog where a post about our work might be accepted by your readers?  If so, we would love to have you write a post and introduce us to your audience.  
9.  Have a company!
Do you have a company?  Would you like to do a matching-gift program or become a partner with us?  Companies can have a huge impact by partnering with us on their annual giving or sponsoring a matching gift challenge.  
Here are nine ways you can get involved with Children in the Son!  Do one, do all of them.  Your support is what we need to continue to make an impact in Romania against child abandonment!
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