Lee McKinney
It is a pleasure to serve the Lord and the people of Romania as a board of directors member for CITS. I was born, raised, met the Lord and still live in a small community in NC named Cameron. My wife and I, Nita have been married for 26 years and we have 2  daughters, Amber 22 and Jessi 13 and yes, my girls have me tied around their finger. After 24 years of working in the service industry as well as owning our own company the Lord made provision for me to move into full time ministry in a church that our family helped plant in 2001. I was saved at age 27 and now some 21 years later still marvel at the love of God. I am the pastor of New Covenant Fellowship in Carthage NC and we have worked closely with CITS for 7 years now. Our church has sent over 2 teams to Romania, 1 in 2008 and 1 last year in 2010 to begin work on the Educational Center in Gepis. It has been a pleasure to meet the people there and the staff in Oradea all love the Lord and work very hard that others may come to know Him as well.
Michelle Sims
Michelle is the founder and Director of Children In The Son.  She moved to Romania in 1998 and served there with her husband, Daniel, from 2001 until 2008.  Michelle has a Masters Degree in Social Work and continues to direct peripherally direct the ministry state-side.  Daniel and Michelle believe that the most important gospel message we can share is to demonstrate love to others and that has been the foundation of the ministry since its inception.  They are very thankful that The Lord has put such wonderful, dedicated Romanian nationals in place to manage all of the projects in Romania.
Marie Edwards
Marie is very thankful for the privilege of having made 3 trips to Gepis, Romania as a part of the CITS mission team. What an incredible experience to share Gods great love while working side by side with people in the community to help build a school and place of worship. She plans to continue traveling to Romania on future mission trips to help reach out to her brothers and sisters in Christ. She also enjoys volunteering with Habitat for Humanity along with working with various local mission projects. She and her husband Johnny have 3 wonderful children, Lisa 24, Travis 21, and Kailey 8, and she works full time in the medical field. She is very excited to be a member of the CITS board and has a great desire to continue helping those in need.
Bill Nixon
Bill Nixon lived in Romania for two years in a town called Arad about two hours south of Oradea.  During his time there, he worked with abandoned children in two state-run facilities introducing them to God's love.  Children who've been abandoned experience life differently due to attachment disorder and physical developmental disabilities.  Bill knows full well the challenges that we face as we work with the Romanian government, parents, children and the local community.
Margaret Moore
Margaret has served as the board treasurer for over a decade.  She processes donations, wires funds to Romania, and pays ministry expenses.  Margaret is married and enjoys homeschooling her two boys.  She has been to Romania twice during her time as treasurer.  During her visits, she has conducted audits of the books as well as joined in on the construction fun at the Agape House as well as the new community center in Gepis.  She loves using power tools and tackling home improvement projects.
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