Children in the Son is a registered 501c(3) organization, in good standing with the IRS who helps combat child abandonment in Romania.  Working along side our Romania-side foundation, we help educate teens, work with abandoned infants, and assist with medical care for Romania's forgotten children. 

Many of the children we work with were abandoned at birth and can develop significant issues from the lack of parental interactions.  We attempt to combat those abandonment issues by sending volunteers into our "Arms of Mercy" program to hold babies, care for them and love on them.

Our Education Center in the village of Gepis serves that village with educational opportunities that would oterwise be unavailable to them.  The people in this village are largely poverty stricken and simply cannot afford to get their children to schools which are often many miles away in other towns. 
Another project we have is "By His Stripes" which assists with medical costs and care for those who would'nt otherwise be able to afford it.  We work with doctors in the U.S. and the government of Romania to coordinate surgeries here for children in Romania.  We pay for the flights, the visas, and all of the other costs involved in caring for those kids when the needs arise.
Our project called "Agape Home" is a house, with full-time house parents, which educates teen boys in a gypsy village outside Oradea, Romania.  The boys are in their teens and would not typically be welcomed in the public schools.  Boys are especially at risk for drug abuse, sex with other teens and living on the streets.  We seek to give them an education to help them long-term with their opportunities in this country.

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